Things to Do

Things to Do

While Palau consistently ranks high as one of the world’s premier diving destinations, there is a number of other activities and points of interest to visit during your stay in the islands. Palau has a vibrant culture and history which can be experienced at land-based venues throughout the island chain.

Two museums in Koror feature artifacts from pre-European contact, and the Palau International Coral Reef Center highlights the beauty of Palau’s marine environment.

Drive north to Babelthuap island to discover various sites of cultural and historic interest. Babelthuap also features three waterfalls open to the public, several public beach parks on the eastern side of the island, a jungle river tour, and jungle hiking trails. Badchelrulau State Park at the northern tip of the island is the site of the ruins of massive structures built by ancient Palauans.

Twenty-six miles to the south of Koror and accessible by boat or commuter aircraft is the island of Peleliu which was the site of a fierce WWII battle in 1944. Guided tours of the battlefield ruins and the museum are available.

Our hotel front desk can help you with arrangements for all of the activities mentioned above and many more.